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The Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) is a knowledge database that gathers information about Internet resources (for example ASNs, IP prefixes, and domain names) and is easily queryable.

No password required

To query the IYP database, go to https://iyp.iijlab.net/iyp/browser/, enter 'iyp-bolt.iijlab.net:443' in the 'Connect URL' field and click on the 'Connect' button. No Username/Password is required.

Change the default settings

We recommend to change the default settings. Click on the settings icon at the bottom left then:

  • Uncheck the 'Connect result nodes' option. This option may display more links than you are querying for.
  • Increase the 'Initial Node Display' value when querying for many nodes.

Read only

This public instance of the database is in read-only mode. This means you can only query the data and not alter it.

Data Sources

Many thanks to all the organizations providing data to the Internet Yellow Pages!



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